Windrush Willow

Windrush Willow

Richard Kerwood

Living willow from Windrush Willow, Exeter, UK

Suzanne and Richard Kerwood have been growing and weaving living willow in the UK since 1997 - a big contrast from their previous occupations (a bank officer and flying instructor respectively).

Based on the outskirts of Exeter, Windrush grows 105 varieties of living willow, planting and harvesting by hand, drying and weaving gives us a real sense of pride in our work and our efforts to achieve an environmentally balanced lifestyle.

Willow Baskets

With our sale of cuttings and living willow we calculate that we have been responsible for the planting either directly or indirectly of over 250,000 willow trees to date. Each one extracting and locking up carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

At Windrush Willow we use no herbicides or pesticides, our only inputs are sunlight and water.

We have addressed the most frequently asked questions in our series of Fact Sheets, which can be downloaded for Free!

Why not browse our site and if you can't find what you are looking for then pleasecontact us.


All living willow and willow products are grown and made in the UK
For customers in the USA, please click here.
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